Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the games begin!

I made the very first thing for the nursery today! It was easier AND faster than I thought, so that's a plus! It's a garland to hang above the twins' cribs. I was going to make it out of felt, but since there were limited color choices of felt, I went with paper instead, which was MUCH easier to cut with a craft punch, so it all worked out in the end. I started with colorful paper that coordinated with the fabric I'm eventually going to use for the bedding:

Then, I got my 2 inch circle punch ready!

I started cutting random circles:

And before I knew it, I had over 200 of them!

Then, I put them in a box I couldn't see through to mix them up. Why an opaque box? Because I wanted the color sequence to be completely random, and I knew if I could see them, I'd be tempted to make a pattern...

I pulled out one circle at a time from the box and just started sewing across them in a straight line (thanks Brittany for the sewing machine loan, haha!).

The line got longer....

And longer....

And longer! Until I had enough to string across the room 3 times.

We went ahead and hung them up just to get them out of the way and to get in a quick picture, but since we still have to paint the room, we'll take them down and hang them up a little better next time. But you get the idea...

Ta-da!! From start to finish, this took about an hour! And it cost about $8, if you already have a circle punch and sewing machine ;) (It's even cheaper when the Michael's employee is too lazy to ring up your 69 cent papers, so she scans the one 59 cent paper over and over instead, true story!) Notice the paint colors we are trying to pick out too, haha. I don't like either one :(

Thanks for reading!


  1. ...what about a creamy yellow or like a soft ivory for the walls? Idk what the fabric is like but I think it would go with the colors of the dots :)

  2. thanks for the suggestion girl! The bedding is bright yellow and white, so I don't know how a creamy yellow will look with that :/ Next, we're going to try MUCH lighter versions of the blue/green colors.