Sunday, January 30, 2011

20 and a 1/2 weeks along....

:) ^ there's my latest belly pic, with Alli, who is due any day now! and Eryn, due in May, and me, due in June! :) i think it's such a silly picture!

I wanted to post twin updates with ultrasound pics, weights, etc no more than every 2 weeks so it doesn't get old, but these latest pictures are too cute to hold back! plus, our next appointment is only 3 weeks away, so more pictures will be here before I know it! So, for anyone who reads this blog for the pics, happy early picture day! :)

Here's the twinkies' heads at 20 weeks along:

Here's their 4 little feet! We were so lucky to get a pic like this; it's my favorite yet!

And here's a profile shot of baby A, looking like he/she wants to start thumb sucking! It's amazing how much they really start looking and acting like babies now, even though it's still up to another 20 weeks before they arrive!

For some reason we didn't get their heartrates this time around, but we got to see their hearts beating! You could see all 4 heart chambers, it was crazy!

They are measuring 11 oz and 10 oz, which is spot on to where they need to be! If they keep up this good growing, we only need to get maternal-fetal medicine ultrasounds once a month :)

As for my weight, it's a little lower than it needs to be (I don't know how, because I'm eating constantly, even when I'm not hungry!), but since the babies are fine, there are no real concerns. I need to have gained a total of 12 pounds by my next appointment in about 3 weeks, so I have about 4 more pounds to go...very doable i think!

In other baby-related news, we are LOVING looking at so many cute things for the nursery, but it's come to a point where we need to actually start BUYING stuff and not just looking at it! Who knows when these babies may arrive, and we need to have everything ready for them! So far I have made a garland (see 2 posts down), mailed fabric to a seamstress to make the bedding, and nearly picked out a paint color. For this month, our goal is to paint the nursery, buy one crib, and order a few accessories! I'll post pictures as these things get checked off the list! :)

...oh, and I almost forgot! the babies are the length of BANANAS or the size of CANTELOPES this week (depending on what book you read)! WOW!

thanks for reading!


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  2. Yay! I made the blog! :) Love the ultrasound pics. When Matt and I got to see our little one, it made it all so real. I think i was still denying that i was pregnant up until that point... YOU CAN'T DENY a pic of tiny little feet. Keep us updated. (maybe i should start a baby blog... even though i'm approaching 30 weeks).