Sunday, January 30, 2011

20 and a 1/2 weeks along....

:) ^ there's my latest belly pic, with Alli, who is due any day now! and Eryn, due in May, and me, due in June! :) i think it's such a silly picture!

I wanted to post twin updates with ultrasound pics, weights, etc no more than every 2 weeks so it doesn't get old, but these latest pictures are too cute to hold back! plus, our next appointment is only 3 weeks away, so more pictures will be here before I know it! So, for anyone who reads this blog for the pics, happy early picture day! :)

Here's the twinkies' heads at 20 weeks along:

Here's their 4 little feet! We were so lucky to get a pic like this; it's my favorite yet!

And here's a profile shot of baby A, looking like he/she wants to start thumb sucking! It's amazing how much they really start looking and acting like babies now, even though it's still up to another 20 weeks before they arrive!

For some reason we didn't get their heartrates this time around, but we got to see their hearts beating! You could see all 4 heart chambers, it was crazy!

They are measuring 11 oz and 10 oz, which is spot on to where they need to be! If they keep up this good growing, we only need to get maternal-fetal medicine ultrasounds once a month :)

As for my weight, it's a little lower than it needs to be (I don't know how, because I'm eating constantly, even when I'm not hungry!), but since the babies are fine, there are no real concerns. I need to have gained a total of 12 pounds by my next appointment in about 3 weeks, so I have about 4 more pounds to go...very doable i think!

In other baby-related news, we are LOVING looking at so many cute things for the nursery, but it's come to a point where we need to actually start BUYING stuff and not just looking at it! Who knows when these babies may arrive, and we need to have everything ready for them! So far I have made a garland (see 2 posts down), mailed fabric to a seamstress to make the bedding, and nearly picked out a paint color. For this month, our goal is to paint the nursery, buy one crib, and order a few accessories! I'll post pictures as these things get checked off the list! :)

...oh, and I almost forgot! the babies are the length of BANANAS or the size of CANTELOPES this week (depending on what book you read)! WOW!

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 weeks! ...Already!

New pics are here! :)

They're waving at us:


2 little feet!

For a singleton pregnancy, 20 weeks would be the halfway point, but with twins, I may be already half way (or beyond) at 19 weeks today! It's flying by!

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of baby
: 2 mangos (a little over half a pound each)

Total weight gain: 7 pounds and counting! (our multiples class instructor said to gain 20 pounds by 20 weeks with twins; guess that ain't happening unless I gain 13 lbs this week! but the babies' growth is right on track, so no worries!)

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but it's still not much of an issue to fit in my regular clothes. I think I wore my regular clothes a little baggy to begin with haha.

Gender: not finding out

Movement: yes, yes! So much so that it's hard to get good pics of them at ultrasounds!

Sleep: I slept 12 hours last night...

Best moment this week: Finishing up our "Marvelous Multiples" class tomorrow :)

"There are two things in life for which you are never truly prepared: twins."
~Josh Billings

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the games begin!

I made the very first thing for the nursery today! It was easier AND faster than I thought, so that's a plus! It's a garland to hang above the twins' cribs. I was going to make it out of felt, but since there were limited color choices of felt, I went with paper instead, which was MUCH easier to cut with a craft punch, so it all worked out in the end. I started with colorful paper that coordinated with the fabric I'm eventually going to use for the bedding:

Then, I got my 2 inch circle punch ready!

I started cutting random circles:

And before I knew it, I had over 200 of them!

Then, I put them in a box I couldn't see through to mix them up. Why an opaque box? Because I wanted the color sequence to be completely random, and I knew if I could see them, I'd be tempted to make a pattern...

I pulled out one circle at a time from the box and just started sewing across them in a straight line (thanks Brittany for the sewing machine loan, haha!).

The line got longer....

And longer....

And longer! Until I had enough to string across the room 3 times.

We went ahead and hung them up just to get them out of the way and to get in a quick picture, but since we still have to paint the room, we'll take them down and hang them up a little better next time. But you get the idea...

Ta-da!! From start to finish, this took about an hour! And it cost about $8, if you already have a circle punch and sewing machine ;) (It's even cheaper when the Michael's employee is too lazy to ring up your 69 cent papers, so she scans the one 59 cent paper over and over instead, true story!) Notice the paint colors we are trying to pick out too, haha. I don't like either one :(

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

17 weeks :)

...borrowed from Janee; I thought this baby poll thing was too cute!

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of baby: Two turnips!

Total Weight Gain: 3 pounds

Maternity clothes: I got a few pants for student teaching just in case, but they are really not needed yet.

Gender: Not finding out til they arrive in June

Movement: Yep! Especially today, I felt several flutters :)

Sleep: A LOT less tired than first trimester!

Best moment this week: Starting on the nursery :)

(P.s. the ultrasound pics are from 14 weeks)

VERY small glimpse of the nursery...

The beginnings...

This probably isn't even worth posting about, but I'm excited that the main fabric for the twins' bedding arrived in the mail today! It looks just as good, if not better, than it did online when I was ordering it! YAY! What do you think??

Just a bolt of fabric sitting in their room is also a big fat reminder of how much work is yet to be done...yikes....

And as for a pregnancy update: I'm definitely feeling a few kicks these days! WEIRD. but sweet :)

"She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands." - Proverbs 31:13

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Sunday :)

i love sundays. i love the ring community church. i love Jesus. :)

"there has never been a greater love than your Son, no not one.
and there'll never be a name above, no not one.
with His life you have forgiven us
hope has come, hope has come
and there'll never be a greater love, no not one."

happy sunday, y'all!

"New" blog?

i call this my "new" blog? because it was actually created almost half a year ago, but i've never posted because i got frustrated with the design/layout stuff (...if anyone wants to make it prettier or give me new user advice, that'd be sweet). but anyway, here's to my second attempt!

if you are reading this, you probably know that i'm beth, my husband is daniel, and we are expecting twins in june! i decided to move forward with this blogging thing because, for our wedding in may I made (usually with help from awesome people!) a LOT of the wedding decor, and since then, i've regretted not blogging or recording that fun process.

now with twins on the way, i get a second opportunity to do this in a way! at first, i hope to use this blog to record my process of designing and decorating the nursery, yay! i'll also share how my pregnancy is progressing (im already nearing 17 weeks, YIKES!), and of course once the twins are here, i'd love to share all their cute pictures and activities here!

thanks for reading!


^ the "twinkies," as aunt cathy likes to call them, at 7 weeks, when we first found out about them!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." -Psalm 127:3