Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Wall Decor Craft + Tutorial

Introducing my first "real" crafty post! Hooray! I'll show the final product first to get ya excited. Ready?

(click on photo to enlarge and see all of them full-size)

How cute is this laundry sign with just the right touch of color and funk? I can't claim the laundry sign itself, but the touch of DIY craft that made it my own was, well, all my own! And the good news? It's so easy to make your own! I'm here to tell ya how.

1.  Pick up this plain "laundry" sign at World Market for $15 on sale ($19.99 original price), or any piece with a similar row of straight hooks that needs some pizzaz will work! Get creative!

2. Grab your supplies. In addition to your hooks, you'll need your stash of fabric scraps (This is GREAT for those teeny weeny scraps that are too cute to throw away but you can't do anything with them...til now!), a pencil, scissors, hot glue and gun, mod podge and brush, and the correct number of *flat* buttons.

 3. Using your pencil, trace around your button onto your fabric, slightly wider than the button itself. Cut out the tiny circle of fabric.

4. Brush a layer of mod podge around the edge of your button, then brush the top. Place your fabric circle on top, then press the fabric down around the edges of the button to wrap the button. Don't worry if your fabric doesn't completely cover the sides of the button; you won't be able to tell in the final product with it hanging on a wall. (Ps. the pic below is just to show you the mod podge on the button; that huge piece of fabric isn't what you wrap your button in! It's just a small circle of fabric that you are adhereing to the button.)

5. Pretty soon, you'll have several of these beauties and be feeling quite proud!

6. Hot glue the final fabric covered buttons to the ends of your hooks.

7. Hang that baby up on a wall and admire!

Until next time,


ps. Like this idea but don't feel like making your own buttons for the project you have in mind? email me at and I'd love to sell you some buttons made by moi through my etsy shop!

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