Sunday, February 26, 2012

Milestones and more!

Asher and Eli are getting SO big. I've said this since they were born, but they're really starting to prove it! They recently had their 9 month check up. Eli was 17 lb 4 oz, while Asher was16 lb 2 oz. (Up from 5.2 and 4.10 when they were born).They're both 27 inches long. Eli has been babbling really well for almost a month now, whereas Asher has gotten really good at it within the last 2 weeks. Asher can now say "Dada!" And if you think that's cute, you should see how proud Dan gets with Asher says it; now that's cute! Asher can also wave (that's been going on a week or so), and as of tonight he can give high-fives! Both boys can pull to standing, climb low furniture, crawl ("real" crawling rather than their usual scooting), and go from lying to sitting on their own. Eli has gotten excellent as "cruising" furniture too. Since they're over 3/4 of a year old now, we're already looking forward to their first birthday party! Wow! Here's some recent pics:

Asher waving
Eli cruising
Both babies pulling up to standing ;) The story behind this photo is their bath was cut short because Asher pooped. Another first!
They also both have their bottom two front teeth! They've been in since early January I believe. (Excuse Eli's snotty nose here; they also both had their first sickness recently! It wasn't too bad; they didn't even run fevers).
Silly "family portrait"!

I also have a video of Eli babbling and Asher waving, but they'll have to come at a later time because I'm having trouble posting them tonight. :(


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