Thursday, February 23, 2012

annoucement, announcement, ANNOUNCEMENT!

I have an exciting announcement to make :) No, baby # 3 is not on the way and won't be for a loooong time; it's not *that* big or exciting of an announcement ;) But I have chosen to extend the realm of this family-oriented blog to include my crafts as well!

This was, believe it or not, a hard decision for me. I didn't want to down-play the importance of chronicling the twins' lives, and I still won't let that happen. I began a "side-blog" to keep up with my crafts, but I found it to be 1) hard to be serious about two blogs and 2) artificial in the sense that I was separating out parts of my life and putting them in two separate places. So, from this point forward, I have decided:

(If you're a Tigers fan, you get it; if not, don't worry about it, it's cheesy anyway ;) The point is: I'm pushing myself a little further with my blog, to blog what I want! Family, crafts, and maybe a little beyond. I hope you enjoy it!

The first "new" post for my "new" blog will be coming shortly, once I transfer it over from my separate craft blog that I've chosen to abandon. Ha!

Lots of love,



  1. That's what a blog is all about in my opinion, what you want it to be! My blog is a mish mosh of everything & anything and I love it! I'm your newest follower! You can check my blog out @ ;)

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment love and following! I follow your blog too! Or maybe I don't officially, but I have your blog saved on my phone's homescreen! I'll have to double check that I follow "for real". I plan to have moms of multiples, especially those with blogs, featured on my blog sometime in the future. If you're interested I'd love to have you share :)