Sunday, March 20, 2011


...we got PAINT up on the walls of the nursery!! i think this is something people normally have done by 4 months, but no, i had to be 7 months pregnant before we got around to this!! haha! now, a little stress is relieved since we can now really get going on setting up the nursery! We placed an order for two cribs today, which should be in this week! yay! I'm also expecting the finished crib bumpers to arrive in the next week or two, along with a few other items... We may be ready when these babies arrive, after all! Only about 9 more week, yikes!!!

Dan hard at work:
Getting the trim done. Thanks for the help Mr. Dwight and Phil!

Of course, the color never shows up right on camera, but I think this pic shows it best. It's like a light seafoam green/blue.
All done! The light switch plates are ready to be put back on the wall.
...and we got those banners I made (see a few posts back...) all hung up!
Well, it's a start! :)

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