Monday, October 10, 2011

The past 4 months....

At my last post, these little babies were 1 month and 6 days old. They are now 4 months and 18 days old. WHAT?!?! First of all, it's been too long since I posted; second of all babies grow up too fast!

On one hand, it's really sad how fast babies grow. On the other hand, I secretly cherish each day they get a little bigger because it's one step closer to my boys being more independent (which helps me a lot!) and hopefully a step closer to growing out of their acid reflux!!

I'll tell you just how much the boys have grown in these first 4 months of their lives:
Remember, Asher was born at 4 lb 10 oz, and Eli was 5 lb 2 oz. We brought them home when they were each less than 5 pounds at only 2 days old! :( At their 4 month appointment, Asher was 12 lb 9 oz and Eli was 13 lb 6 oz! My dad swears Eli's extra 13 oz is in his cheeks :)

MILESTONES: Asher rolled from his tummy to back the day he turned 3 months old, and Eli did the same the next day! Eli, however, was first with rolling from back to tummy, which he did a little before he turned 4 months. Asher didn't until a few weeks later, but he can now nearly out-roll Eli!

Both boys really are developing their own personalities! In the beginning, I thought I was "making up" their personalities in my head, and I probably was to some extent. But now they are becoming more and more of their own little people and not just helpless babies! Eli L.O.V.E.S. toys. Dan has to take them away sometimes because he gets too excited! He grabs at them, sticks them in his mouth, and kicks his legs everywhere at the sight of toys! Asher is much more subdued; I spend a lot of my day coaxing him to look and me and play. However, this gives Asher the nickname of the "sweet one," since he always looks happy, calm, and content, and never "too active." I also wonder if Asher will be shy, since Eli tends to smile straight at me waiting for more interaction, while Asher gives a small smile and turns his head away :) Both boys have given me very sweet giggles. They are so cute with their tiny personalities!

My favorite times of day with them are first thing in the morning, when they beam and giggle when I reach down to get them out of their cribs. Melt my heart. Also, I love their last feeding before mom and dad go to bed. They are fast asleep, steady sucking on their bottles. Their tiny hands wrap around my finger, their eyes flicker under their closed eyelids, and they make the sweetest sighing/breathing noises. I stare at them and rock them the whole time. I remember to get a good look at them, because they will never be that tiny ever again, even by the next morning. (Seriously, that's how fast they grow).

Well, before I tear up, I'll wrap this post up.

I want to say THANKS to just some of the best people ever who've been a major blessing during these first months!

Dan's parents-- Marianne and Dwight Hembree! Mrs. Marianne is always 1,000% willing to come help at the drop of a hat. She loves the boys just as much as I do (well, almost ;) - she delights in their every milestone and smile! She lets me go on and on about all of the hardships I've had in the early days. And Mr. Dwight was SUCH a trooper coming to spend the night with us in the first weeks of the babies' lives when I needed a b.r.e.a.k!

Melissa Eddy-- the best best friend in the world. What would I have done without you? I'm going to cry writing this; you were my everything during the most exciting and hardest time of my life! You got up at every 3 am feeding with me, you could feed those babies like a pro, you never ever complained! (Well, maybe about our hard couch, but I know you love it now!) You're the best Auntie Mel and we LOVE you!

Whitney Zylks-- I may not always call you for help, but I always know I can call you for help, which is sometimes all I need! You're the best babysitter, and I seriously learn from you sometimes of how to take care of my own children ;)

Eryn Wax (I mean Unglesby)-- Thanks for just listening sometimes; you're the closest person I have in a similar situation to mine, and when I have no one else to tell how excited I am that my baby pooped or how upset I am that yet another reflux med failed us, I can always text you! :)

Annemarie-- You're one of the only other twin moms I know with twin infants, and just knowing that someone else is going through these exciting yet tough times keeps me going sometimes! I love being able to just talk the twin talk with you, no matter what it may be that day! Can't wait for our bundles of joy to meet!

Anyone and everyone who brought us FOOD those first few weeks!-- There were a lot of you so I can't name everyone, but it helped us SO MUCH. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has thought about us, said kind and encouraging words to us, checked up on us, prayed for us, etc! We love you!

Ruth 1:8... May the Lord reward you for your kindness ...

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