Thursday, October 27, 2011


Asher had a wonderful Pediatric Gastroenterologist appointment this morning! Dr. Tyson was so attentive, even as I went into detail with every symptom and concern. She sat down and looked me in the eye as I spoke, rather than rushing me and forming her own conclusions in her head before hearing me out, as I have had other doctors do with Asher's situation. We were seen in a timely manner, and she was even giving me advice for Eli even though I only made the appointment for Asher. I couldn't have asked for a better appointment; our prayers were answered.

Here's what went down. Basically, she think it's normal but severe acid reflux. This is definitely what I think too; I don't think there are any underlying, more serious problems. However, of course she wants to look into other problems, just in case! So Asher has an ultrasound on November 9th to look for any thickness in the stomach that may be causing him to spit up so much. Immediately after, he has a modified barium swallow study, in which a speech therapist will watch how he sucks when he eats his bottle, to make sure something with that isn't causing him to gag and throw up. Like I said, I really don't think these are the problem, especially since Eli spits up the same amount but just seems less affected by the pain. Also, while Asher's growth is near the bottom of the charts, he still seems to be growing well and is otherwise gaining weight and healthy! He weighed 14lbs even at the appointment today. But, since we've come this far and even the strongest medicine out there isn't helping 100%, we might as well check to be safe.

In the meantime, we are to switch formulas. Again. This will be our eighth formula to try! It's Similac Alimentum, which is essentially the same as Enfamil Nutramigen, which we have already tried. However, we tried the Nutramigen before we knew the culprit was acid reflux, and we switched off of it as soon as we saw Asher's problem was not an allergy to his other formulas. Basically, Alimentum is worth another shot since we know more about what is going on now. This formula should be a little easier for him to digest, and we are to mix it with rice cereal to make it thicker so he's less likely to spit it up. This is pretty much what we already do by using Enfamil AR, but this will make the bottle even thicker and should give us better results. We're going to continue with the Nexium because it does seem to be helping as of recently!

We'll try these things and see Dr. Tyson back in 3 weeks, along with the results of his ultrasound and swallow study! I'm so pleased with the visit today, and can't wait to see more healing for little Asher (and Eli!) in the next few weeks! :)

This is a video of me trying to feed Asher on a bad reflux day. You can see how red his eyes are from crying from just trying to eat :( Notice how he arches his back in pain, classic reflux sign. Also, the screeching you hear is Eli, and yes, that is reflux-related too :( ! It's like he's trying to clear his throat or something to get the pain out of his chest. Makes it very hard to take them anywhere because they would do that CONSTANTLY before the meds starting working! This video was taken even after a week on Nexium :(

Hopefully we will go from this: THIS soon, with help from Dr. Tyson! :)

 For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord.

Jeremiah 30:17

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  1. This video broke my heart! I remember you posting about the reflux before but I never imagined how heartbreaking those cries are. Poor babies. Poor mama!