Saturday, October 22, 2011


 Fall is here, and with it brings cooler temperatures (on random days), fall festivities, and happy babies! The reflux has really made an improvement lately, and the boys are just like new babies! So happy and playful! These days, they love sucking their hands, holding their toes, and of course, ROLLING! Their laughs are getting stronger (SO cute!) Eli loves kisses and Asher loves peek-a-boo!

I have TONS of fall pictures already to share with you! First, the babies' first Halloween pumpkins! Check out this adorableness:

Fall-ish overalls :)

Getting our supplies ready:

Here we go!

That feels squishy!

Footprint on a pumpkin.....

(Asher's on left, Eli's on right)


The 1st annual Hembree family of pumpkins


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