Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Learn & Play Activities

It only took us until mid-June, but I think we're finally starting to fall into a summer routine at home with the boys. It's not much different than the rest of the year with them since I stay home with the twins year-round, but I guess between the boys turning two (and therefore able to do more activities that I see on Pinterest, etc), and it being sooo hot outside (and therefore I'm trying to keep them entertained indoors as much as possible during the mid-day hours), this season has granted us more opportunity for more structured and more creative playtimes.

And since little two year olds are just so cute when they're playing happily, I thought I'd share their recent experiences:

No Mess Finger Painting:

 (great for learning colors, mixing colors, and "writing")

Cookie Cutter Playdoh:

(great for learning the letter/shape they are cutting)
Apple Paint Stamps:

I guess we're all about shirtless play during this hot weather, huh?

Thanks, Pinterest! (Sorry I don't have links for specifically where I saw these ideas- they're just things I saw in passing which didn't require any directions besides a quick look at the picture.)

Happy Summer!

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