Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Cookies and Milk Mustaches" 2nd Birthday Party!

Eli and Asher are turing TWO this week! Dan and I love calling the boys our "little men," especially as they keep growing up so fast and keep surprising us daily with all the new things they can do and say! So a "little man" (mustaches, bow ties, etc) birthday party theme seemed to fit them quite well. However, I really wanted a book to tie into the theme so that we could continue the tradition of using an actual children's book as a guest book at their parties each year (last year was Very Hungry Caterpillar). For some reason, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" kept coming to mind, so I decided to expand the little man theme to include cookies and milk. Hence, the "Cookies and Milk Mustache" theme was born!

 The set up!
 Cookie Platter
 Cokes - in the bottle!
 Mustache Straws
 "Cake!" Made from Oreos and donuts
 Candy Cigarettes - ha!
 Cookies in a Jar Party Favors
Cupcake toppers - glitter 2's and polka dot mustaches!
 Mustache water bottles

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" guest book
 Photo booth props!
Attempt at a family photo ;)


  1. What did you put in the cookie in a jar party favors?

  2. Now this is called a fantastic birthday planning. Perfect arrangements and table décor managed by the host is lovely. My best friend also planned a party for her mother at one of the lavish San Francisco venues on her birthday recently. Kitchen theme cake and super mom cup cakes were absolutely yummy. Liked the floral bouquet and gift she ordered online.