Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Pajamas

Last night my sister, Mary, and I decided to make a Wal-Mart run for a crock pot, because somehow I've made it 24 years of life without one (and her 22 years). I have a feeling once I figure out how easy it is to cook using one, I'm going to be quite upset I didn't have one the first year of the twins' lives, when cooking was sooo hard. It's still hard at 16 months old, so maybe we'll get take out a little less now that we're proud new crock pot owners.

But of course you can never just run into Wal-Mart and leave with only what you went in for. So I left with a few new pairs of PJ's for the babies. They were very needed though: it's been months since the babies had true pajamas that fit them! Oops!

So I tried the PJ's on them this morning, and of course they looked SO big in their new big boy PJ's that I had to snap a few pics right away before they grew up any more right before my eyes!

I know, I know: they need a haircut. Maybe soon I'll trim their bangs a tad.

Tired Asher man

Are they getting too big to take pics of their baby feet?

A boy and his cat

Eli making his "woof woof" give Asher a kiss! Hehe!

Must escape from mom's camera

TOO big, right?!



  1. They need kisses all over those cheeks THAT'S what they need!

  2. oh also for your crock pot, they make liners for them! makes clean up SO EASY! Renyolds makes them, the box says slow cooker liners. it's six bags a box, I've used them a few times and I love how easy it is to 'clean' up dinner.