Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Showers....

....bring May Babies? well, we'll see about that, but I am getting exciting for my baby shower this weekend!! Hosted by bff Mel and sister Cathy. I got a little too excited and decided to make the invitations myself, and I thought I'd share the outcome in anticipation of Saturday :) Here's the (finally!) completed ones all stacked up and ready for envelopes: Close up of the registry card--with a little "key" detail to go along with the Alice theme (I'll explain more in a bit..)
Here's one completed invite:
...and a close up, which helps explain the "Alice" theme: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum since it's twins ;) haha! This was totally Dan's idea, which I thought was silly at first but it's growing on me and kinda cute :) And I guess that means I get to be Alice?? :D
I also spent some time decorating the outter envelopes too, even though those get ripped open and thrown away faster than the invitations, haha. But I love getting something other than a white envelope in the mail, and I thought the guests might like that as well!
The final detail: a little "open me" seal on the back of the envelope...also to help it fit in with the Alice theme!

...can't wait to post about the shower itself! :)


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  1. OMG... I cannot tell you how excited I was to get the invite in the mail! I didn't wait for Katie to get home to open it... I walked upstairs while admiring the lovely artwork on the outside and the cute little bird sticker!! I gently opened it (surprised I didn't rip it open) to find the cutest baby shower invite EVER! I instantly noticed the tweedle twins and thought.. this is so BETH!! I cannot wait until Saturday to celebrate you being a mommy!