Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Craft! Magnetic Dry-erase Memo Boards!

I'm very excited to share this new craft with you today! Well, it's not exactly a "new" craft. I made one of these dry erase boards a few months ago, but it's always overflowing with memos, so I decided to add more to my "collection" so that I have a way to better organize the info and keep it neat!

I started with old frames that I was no longer using. Since we moved a few months ago I have frames that just don't "fit" anywhere in the new house, so they were perfect for this job! I removed the glass, backing, and also any hardware on the back that would keep the frames from lying flat (I am adding magnets to these for use on a fridge but if you want them just hanging on your wall, leave the hardware intact!)

The frames:

Spray paint them a funky color! You can coordinate them all or mix it up! (Note to self: don't leave the frames out to dry when there's a 40% chance of rain.... Yes, I did that and had to sand down the little water drop spots and re-spray them. And you can still kind of see spots. Boo!)

Here are the spray colors I chose if you'd like to copy ;) I also used an apple green for the third frame but that was a few months back, like I explained earlier!

Get some heavy duty magnets from Home Depot or somewhere like that, and hot glue them to the back. I used 6 magnets for my smaller frame and 10 for this multi-frame piece.

Insert pretty scrapbook paper into the frames and replace the glass and backing. I used paper left over from previous projects, including our engagement party invitations!

Snap your new memo boards onto your fridge and add reminders, calendars, chore lists, menus, grocery lists, phone numbers, inspiring quotes....anything!

Cute, right?

You can store your dry erase markers by resting them on the tops of the frames.

Have fun creating this project yourself and making it all your own! It can be funky, modern, traditional. Match it to your decor...or not! As always, if you like what you see but don't want to create this project yourself, email me at bhiggi5@tigers.lsu.edu and I'll glady create a custom piece for you!

Thanks for reading!!!

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