Monday, January 30, 2012

christmas day

...and the long awaited Christmas Day post. Over a month since Christmas Day. Ah well, hope you enjoy it. And do you like the new lay out as well? :)

Christmas morning, the boys were their usual alert selves come 6 am. Yawn. But it was worth it to get up on this special day-- the boys' very first Christmas ever! How sweet!

Playing with colorful candy canes!
 Our Christmas morning outfits from Nana (Charlotte Bergeron)
 With socks to match
 The little puffs on the ends make the perfect reindeer nose!
 Our first Christmas morning gift! EVER!
Looks real interesting! What could it be!?
"It comes with yummy paper!" -Asher
 "You can have the book, Eli, I'll just take this paper..."
"Got some paper, Dad!"
Nom nom nom..... 
YES- a big present, brother! (Those faces! :D )
We love it!
Sweet Christmas tree
 A tired momma and her Christmas angels
 Sitting up (a new milestone) in front of the tree
 Santa Claus spelled his name wrong....
 Dad with his boys
Playing with toys on Christmas morning
 Some more in front of the tree shots
Silly Eli 
Big smiles!!! 

"Why should we so joyous be, on this Christmas morning?
Angels sang in Bethlehem, on this Christmas morning!"


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